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The publishing industry is constantly shifting as consumer demands increase and distribution channels continue to move. Our mission is always to be that guiding light for authors and help them navigate the necessary paths to publishing their works and generating revenues.

We've done the heavy lifting of networking with some of the major publishing companies and helped cut through your project's red tape with them. When we see a vendible project, we're ready to push through and offer a holistic approach to your publishing needs. It's not just about getting your book out there for sale but also working on managing and representing you when necessary, which is something other types of publishing companies tend to forget.

We value marketing and embrace it as our core tool to work towards building your own personal fanbase for your novels and other works. This helps to develop a more active and engaged community curated specifically for you.

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We ensure global outreach through traditional and new media channels, complemented by a dedicated New Leaf Campaign Manager, working closely with our PR partners to tailor your PR program.


Our service offers carefully curated design books that respect the authors' ideas and the unique design of each publication, providing concise insights and inspiration to fuel creativity and innovation in your projects.


Building a scalable websites with seamless design integration and engaging elements like micro animations and smooth transitions, ensuring a captivating user experience through meticulous attention to detail.


What they are saying about us

I am the author of fourteen books written especially for school age children. As a veteran writer who has used the services of many other self-publishing companies, I find New Leaf Media to be the most transparent. Unfortunately that was not the case in any of my previous experiences. One of company was actually on the brink of bankruptcy when I started with them. And sadly, my three books were never completed. Another, corrupted my files when I asked to terminate contract when the process went many months pass the schedule date of completion as per their contract.
I am certainly grateful that New Leaf Media was recommended when I needed the help of a reputable company to help reclaim my books. I had wasted too much time and money trusting those that made fabulous promises, but never delivered or honored in their contracts! They are the only company who has provided me detailed reports of what I have earned and I finally got my first check within a short span of time working with them! Fortunately, now many of my books have been republished and the integrity of my work has been restored.
Thank you New Leaf Media! We haven't finished yet, there's more to come!

Barbara Pierce


Have you noticed that THE HOLIDAY ADVENTURES OF BONZA AND SONJA is a 'Book of the Month' at Barnes and Nobles? Great work!

David Perry


So happy with the service from The New Leaf Media. Adapted to my needs and budget. Much better than my previous publisher. Totally recommend them.

Karyn Ward

Author of 'Why Does Mummy Cry?'

I have received my royalty payment and I want to thank you very much!

Leslie Harrison

Author of 'The Closest of Friends'

Firstly, thank you for your patience. All other publishing companies I've been involved with have been very impatient - high-powered sales persons pressing me to do things in no time at all. The New Leaf Media have been understanding, sensitive and easy-going. It's a nice side of America I am seeing.

Digby Horlock

Author of Doombreaker


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